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The link (above) does  NOT mention the fact that the burning of fossil fuels has acidified the oceans of the world and is probably responsible for MOST of the die-off of the Pacific Ocean sea life that we are witnessing today.   High radiation levels off the California coast also signify that there are most likely LOCAL radiation releases contributing to the overall radiological calculus in addition to Fukushima- most notably, the Farralon Islands (where thousands of barrels of radioactive waste were dumped decades ago) and the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington State where there have been massive releases of radiation  into the environment,  particularly along the Columbia River, since the early 1950’s.   The Fukushima radiation releases  provide a nice propaganda cover for the US nuclear/military establishment and big right wing oil and gas companies in regards to the environmental CRIMES they have willfully and maliciously committed over the years.


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