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Take Back Santa Cruz!

Take Back Santa Cruz!

Its time we kick these fascist right wing police state SCUM out of our town!
Time to arrest them and confiscate their earth threatening, gas guzzling trucks and SUV’s!
These people are ECO-TERRORISTS, threatening our childrens future and destroying our beautiful planet
with their plumes of excess carbon dioxide soot and smoke!

Lets BAN their gluttonous meat-eating (which is destroying our precious rainforests) and SHUT DOWN their coal and nuclear plants!
Remember Chernobyl and now Fukushima?

And lets FORCE them (by Law) to STOP having more children.
The planet is already overpopulated at 7 billion!

These people are DESTROYING our planet and our future.
If they won’t change willingly, then I submit they MUST be changed by FORCE.
FORCE: re-education camps, martial law and the crash and total devaluation of the US American dollar.
Time to TAKE the rich man’s house and give them to the poor and homeless.
ENOUGH of this hurtful antichristian insanity!

Its time to implement Agenda 21 here in Santa Cruz and throughout the world!
Time to spread the wealth and take control of our environmental destiny as a species.

We don’t need their right wing, mafia, POLICE STATE nor their intrusive spy and surveillance cameras.
We don’t need their self-righteous fascist right wing police state prisons and nazi checkpoints.
We need to throw these right wing republican filth back to the hell holes they
crawled out of in texas and other brain dead states.

So, lets TAKE BACK Santa Cruz from the right wing SCUM who don’t belong here!
Lets END their Madness and Insanity once and forever!

Santa Cruz is for high, righteous, progressive, leftists and visionaries. 
This is the LEFT COAST, NOT a place for right wing idiot/morons. 
Lets Kick em all out of our town!

Lenny Schorr
Boulder Creek


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