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 By Doug Hagmann  Monday, March 11, 2013“How do you think it will play out? What will it look like… the economic collapse that you’ve been writing about? I have money invested in the stock market, investments, sitting in the bank. Will my investments be safe? What should I do to prepare?” Those are the most common questions I’ve been receiving since writing about the coming collapse of the U.S. dollar and looming economic crisis.

Since my recent article titled Racing for the exits was published, I’ve received nearly one thousand e-mails with these very questions from people all over the world. Obviously, people are very concerned and amid the doom and gloom, are looking for people to provide them with answers, or at least some guidance and direction.

“Doom porn” or a real possibility?

I have been accused of writing what some people call “doom porn,” or the “end of the world as we know it” type events that center around the collapse of our fiat monetary system. Most of these accusers are the people who follow the writing and ranting of the talking heads of corporate media who are shilling for the very people and governmental bodies that are responsible for putting us in the very position we find ourselves today.

To be clear, I’m merely an investigator and writer who, for the last 25 years of my career, developed certain contacts working within various levels of our government. I am a much better investigator than a financial expert, an indisputable fact documented by my own personal financial situation. I’m just an average guy with a family, just trying to make ends meet and make sense of it all. Thankfully, my contacts are much more knowledgeable, and it is from this collective group that I’ve tapped for their knowledge and understanding about what we are facing not only as a nation, but on a global scale. A few of my sources were actually present, in-country, during the collapse of the Soviet Union and other nations over the last quarter-century. I’ve interviewed these eyewitnesses to such cataclysmic economic events, and they have shared their accounts and advice that I am offering now.

While their accounts differ somewhat, there are identifiable common factors I’ve been able to amass from each. Hopefully, by sharing what I’ve learned and studiously researched will assist those with the common questions of what an economic collapse might look like and how we can protect ourselves from the events on the horizon. Please understand that nothing I write is to be construed as economic advice as I am far from having any qualifications in that venue. The information I provide is based on my own extensive research into this area of genuine concern.

Normalcy bias

As I’ve previously written, the majority of people believe that an economic collapse cannot or will not happen in America. Frankly, that’s exactly what I believed for the majority of my adult life, until I stopped listening to the people – the very architects of our upcoming and life-changing pain and suffering that is about to descend upon the “working class” in whatever country you reside.

It’s easy to be dismissive of such warnings as everything “appears” normal on the surface. In most areas, especially America, life continues to be relatively good as people continue to drive shiny new vehicles to their jobs, buy big ticket items and take nice vacations. Well, at least some people. But those with discernment “feel” different. We know that something is terribly wrong.

While others call us crazy, we’ve broken free from the spells of the talking heads who insist that we’re in “a recovery.” They are either the complicit facilitators of this illusion of normalcy, or the victims of “normalcy bias.” They either cannot comprehend that an economic collapse can happen, or have a stake in the outcome.

What follows will not address the merits of an argument for or against an “economic Armageddon,” but will attempt to answer two simple questions: what will a collapse of the U.S. dollar look like, and what can we, as normal and average people, do to best protect ourselves and our life’s work?

Understanding what’s coming

Based on my investigation, numerous interviews and hours upon hours of extensive research, one thing appears to be certain. The collapse of the U.S. dollar is a mathematical certainty, it merely a question of when. No one seems able to answer the timing aspect of such an event, although they all comfortably believe it will be sometime within the next 18-24 months at the “outside.” Quietly, however, they have murmured that they don’t think we have that much time.

Perhaps most important of all is the fact that a dollar collapse will have global ramifications. Simply put, it will bring down the entire economy of the world, so there won’t be anyplace to run to escape. Some places and areas will fare better than others, but it will still affect every civilized country on the planet.

Also of critical importance is the understanding that this is an “engineered” collapse, one that is designed to introduce a single global currency. (You know, the belief that has been identified as a domestic terror threat by DHS standards). It is unlikely that this global currency or economic reset will be instantaneous, however. There will exist a period of extreme chaos, uncertainty, and a level of suffering that has been never before seen. It is for this period that we must prepare.

There will be “bank runs” as people try to get their money out of their accounts before the digital figures present in your account – the balances you check frequently – disappear. As the economy of the world reels from this unprecedented event, chaos will become the norm as the unprepared will be panic buying, looting and pillaging. As days turn into weeks and perhaps months, people will be hungry and desperate. Essential services will suffer, and the very things we all take for granted will be strained until broken. Martial Law will become a reality to quell the angry masses who have been victimized by this controlled demolition of our economy. While some areas will fare better than others, no one will escape unscathed except the elite architects of this plan.

Perhaps this might explain the questions and controversy surrounding the bulk ammunition purchases by the U.S. DHS and other federal agencies, the para-militarization of state, county and local police, and military movements within the United States.

How to prepare?

With the strong caveat that I am not a financial advisor, I can only tell you what I personally would be doing if I had money in the stock market, investments and in the bank. You will have to first decide whether you believe it can and will happen, and also decide what best fits your situation.

I was once told by someone I respect that sometimes, you just have to get out of the way. “Duck or bleed,” to be concise. If I believe that a financial collapse is indeed coming, and I do, one rule of thumb applies. If you can’t see it, hold or possess it and guard it, you don’t own it, or will not have it for long. Please carefully consider that statement.

I would methodically begin to exchange the digital figures I see in my bank account or investment portfolio for tangible items that meet the above criteria. Based on information I’ve received from each source, the U.S. dollar will continue to hold some value, at least for a period of time. That is the actual currency you have in your pocket or safe at home, depending upon your station in life. Accordingly. I would have at least 1-3 months worth of currency on hand, in various denominations, as you should not expect to be able to use ATMs or make withdrawals from your bank or investment portfolio.

Next, I would be stocking up on food, water and other provisions in my pantry, at least enough for 3-6 months. Even if nothing happens, you’ll be saving money by purchasing today instead of a week or month from now based on the rising food prices. The same for other necessities, such as prescription medicine, fuel for your vehicle (if practical), and so on. You get the idea.

Another thing I would have on hand, as strange as this might sound, is liquor. If you don’t drink now, and don’t start during this time of crisis, it can be used for trade/barter with those that do. Also, it might come in handy for whatever temporary medicinal effects it might provide in a pinch.

I would also want to be able to defend what I’ve stored and possess, so I would be sure to have the means to do so. It is a reality that desperate people do desperate things, so being able to defend yourself and property is an unfortunate necessity.

But what about those who have already made such provisions? What to do with the extra money from your 401K or similar investment? If I had that “problem,” I would consider buying property where I could have the ability to be completely self-sufficient, such as buying a farm where I could raise my own crops and livestock. Too old, perhaps? As I see it, none of us are going to be able to get through what’s coming by ourselves. We’re going to need like-minded people with us to form a “network,” perhaps. Talk to other like-minded people and form such a network, even if you must go outside of your family to do so.

If that’s out of the question or you have the means, then I would invest in precious metals such as gold and silver. There are many professional economists who snickered with derision at people who invested in gold when it was at $300, $500 and even $1,000 an ounce, and when silver was at $10 an ounce. I would be certain to buy only from a reputable dealer, and always – always take physical possession of the commodity.

The “bottom line”

If you are just a normal, average person like me who, after doing your own careful research of our current state of affairs and refuse to rely on the so-called experts who are enslaving us and our future generations through unchecked spending, then you need to prepare. You need to quit listening to the very people who put us in our current financial predicament, realize that both political parties are responsible, and understand that the lie is bigger and more dangerous than you realized.

There are no “safe” banks, no “safe” investments, no pensions or investments that will remain unscathed, and nowhere to run to escape what’s coming. We have been set up as victims and what we are experiencing, and will experience in ways that few can comprehend, is the result of a deliberate plan devised long ago. Understanding and exposing it is an integral part of our fight, and we must fight so we can survive past it.

I’ll close with one last “assignment” for those who believe that I have completely taken leave of my senses. Simply look around you, and look at the state of our economy. Look at the “clueless” people who believe that this is some conspiratorial nonsense. Then do the math for yourself. Use the real financial numbers, not the numbers that are thrown out for public consumption by the carnival barkers on the financial news networks. Study history. Consider the real reasons our elected leaders want us disarmed, not the reasons you are told. Turn off the TV and begin to think for yourself. Pray, then prepare.


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