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Editor:         February 28, 2013

The recent spate of violence in Santa Cruz lately can only point to ONE thing:
Our lovely federal government is carrying out these atrocious acts so as to JUSTIFY the addition of
more police on our streets and to turn our community into a soviet style communist police state dictatorship.
This going to be a HOT TAKEOVER of the American Republic…

Remember, 9/11 was an “inside job”.
BOTH the underwear and shoe bombers were covert operations carried out by our lovely alphabet soup
intelligence agencies to JUSTIFY the 4th Amendment violating ‘nazi gestapo’ intrusions we now
witness with the TSA at our airports, bus and train stations.

The Department of Homeland Security and the jewish rothschild fascists who run this institution
are hell bent on taking away the freedoms and liberties that our people fought and died for since 1776.
Their latest move is to forcibly take away our guns and nullify the 2nd amendment-
which precisely protects us against a full fledged tyranny.

Here is what happens when guns are taken away from the people (its called “genocide”)

Hawthorn purity
Santa Cruz, California
United States


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