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Feb 28, 2013


It should be more than obvious to anyone by now that Santa Cruz has gotten overcrowded.

By generally recognized econometrics, we have overshot the environmental “carrying capacity” of this area by at least 3 fold.  That is, there are 3 times as many people here than should be.

I don’t know where the money came from to construct a new million dollar basketball court complex near downtown, but those funds SHOULD have been spent constructing a new city environmental center complete with showers (for bike commuters), free computer terminals, free printing and a healthy level of research and library materials to help transit our city into an ecologically sustainable  green community for the 21st century.

The city of Santa Cruz SHOULD be hiring local global climate change activists, NOT wasting funds to hire more police officers, who are turning our wonderful community into a lawless, fascist police state.

A city environmental center can help coordinate a local hemp industry to develop and sell textiles, pull together the knowledge, resources and local workforce to plant and maintain THOUSANDS of fruit and nut trees all throughout the city as future free food for the community,  and work to mitigate the threat that global climate change will have upon the people, wildlife and vegetation that is unique to our bio-region.

We need REAL natural food stores in our community, NOT right wing, corporate, mafia run “false green” businesses (such as Whole Foods, New Leaf and Staff of Life) who are selling us overpriced, unhealthy, organic “GMO” food and pushing an over-consumptive meat-based diet down our throats.

We need an Earth Day Festival that does NOT permit meat-cooking and meat consumption at what is traditionally a vegan/vegetarian event.  I urge the entire community to BOYCOTT this Festival in April and demand that the City of Santa Cruz FIRE the coordinators of this Festival for willfully and maliciously making a hypocritical mockery of what Earth Day is traditionally all about.  An over-consumptive, gluttonous, right wing sponsored meat-eating and SUV gas-guzzling Earth Day orgy has absolutely NO PLACE in liberal/left wing Santa Cruz.

If we don’t “correct” these types of breaches and instead continue to allow our society to devolve into a regressive “dog eat dog” fascist police state, then we’re ALL looking forward to ALOT of needless pain and suffering in the years ahead.

The city of Santa Cruz needs to go ‘Big Time’  REAL GREEN.  That means BANNING all gas-guzzling SUV’s, and removing the illegal police state spy and camera surveillance control grid that has been built up around us since 9/11.  It also means requiring both mainstream and natural food stores to STOP promoting an over-consumptive meat-based diet.   A REAL GREEN municipality will wean itself off the corporate energy grid by REQUIRING all homes and businesses to install rooftop solar PV panels.   Becoming locally food self-sufficient (community gardens, local food industries and community plant and tree food production) and introducing non-polluting electric vehicles to replace all internal combustion engines within the city limits should also be mandated.

This will ALL require a draw down of the number of people allowed to live in this area.  2 out of every 3 people living here in Santa Cruz are going to have to relocated  (sorry new folks, there’s no other way to do this).

The American economy today is now teetering on the brink of complete and utter collapse.   Things are going to change radically here in the very near future.  All the petty pursuits and far-flung interests most of you are involved with, will be swept away forever when the Safeway’s and gas stations close. 

I urge ALL Santa Cruz residents to work together NOW to help BUILD a green, sustainable, ecologically independent community SEPARATE from the failing, dysfunctional, over-consumptive, Earth threatening lifestyle and value-system of our currently imploding and collapsing society.  Already, we’re looking at $5.00/gallon slated for gas this summer.  Willingly or per force, you’re getting OUT of your gas-guzzling SUV’s, Santa Cruzans.

If Santa Cruz and Santa Cruzans are to survive the tumultous times ahead, we need to envision, fund, develop, implement and institute  an independent, sustainable and healthy (vegetarian) community as soon as humanly possible.

So, GET OUT of your cars folks and learn to bicycle.  Plant gardens, help start community gardens, organize to plant fruit and nut trees everywhere, lobby for a city environmental center, install solar and wind, get rid of your gas-guzzling trucks and SUV’s  and learn to power down to a vegan/vegetarian diet.  And DO NOT have more than 1 child per family, the world is already overpopulated.  Its time for a New World!


May Boeve

Center for Integral Living

Santa Cruz, California


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