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  Santa Cruz Earth Day 2013

    Earth Day Santa Cruz Coordinator
    City of Santa Cruz                                               Feb 23, 1013
    Earth Day Festival
    Santa Cruz, California


    Again, i DEMAND that ALL meat-cooking, meat-eating and meat consumption at the
    annual Earth Day Festival in Santa Cruz, California be immediately TERMINATED.

    Meat-Eating is NOT an appropriate venue for an Earth Day Festival.  Vegan/vegetarianism
    is a central core pillar of Earth Day or any other green/environmental festival celebrated anywhere in the USA
    or throughout the world.

    Earth Day represents the traditional promotion of alternative, green, sustainable and ecologically
    appropriate values and means of living.  The promulgation and consumption of a meat-based diet
    (however “natural”) is completely antithetical to this theme.  In fact, nearly 20% of all greenhouse
    gases responsible for global warming come from livestock {Read- Diet for a Hot Planet,
    by Anna Lappe’}.  Its time to feed people, NOT livestock!  Over 1/2 of the people on our planet are malnourished
    because of our overconsumptive meat-based diet here in America.  This needs to change NOW.

    Allowing so-called “natural food” establishments and others to cook, sell and consume meat at our annual
    Earth Day Festival makes a complete hypocritical mockery of what an Earth Day celebration traditionally
    represents in our society.  Willingly or per force’, this rich, arrogant, decadent, overconsumptive meat-eating and SUV   gas-guzzling lifestyle WILL be decisively TERMINATED in the very near future- of this fact there is absolutely no question.  Best to make the transition softly and voluntarily and learn to BUILD an ecologically based green community here locally first so as to ease the transition.

    Now is the time to forge an alternative, ecological, sustainable and appropriate lifestyle and value system
    for human living. This is what Earth Day is all about…

    I personally have identified “meat-eating” as the central/core problem and impediment in our culture that
    is preventing us from evolving into a truly environmentally sustainable and survivable green society.  In fact, i have written a chapter
    on the issue in my online book, SAVING THE PLANET.  See Chapter 8, Diet for a New World:

So, lets END the meat-eating at our annual Earth Day Festival, it does NOT belong here.
And, i don’t want to see any booths recycling human body parts either- this is NOT appropriate.
END these hypocritical mockeries and abominations- the citizens of Santa Cruz deserve better.

Because this has been an ongoing conflict with this city and its organizers over the years, i again publically call for your FIRING and DISMISSAL
as coordinators of our annual Earth Day Festival here in Santa Cruz.  Its time the City of Santa Cruz hire a team that is both
competent and in tune with the REAL green/eco-values of our beautiful community.

Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
UCSC Graduate
Santa Cruz, California

***Article of interest:
UN Urges Global Move to Meat and Dairy free Diet:

CC: Ecology Action, City of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz City Manager, New Leaf Markets, Santa Cruz Sentinel, John Robbins, Connection Magazine, Good Times etc…

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