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Letter to the Editor-

Feb 21, 2013



College of the Siskiyous (COS) has turned into a little fascist police state.
This so-called “educational institution” has absolutely betrayed its core values by installing numerous high
tech spy and surveillance cameras on its weed campus, in turn, violating students privacy and dignity.

The Library and the Learning Center both now require students to give up their privacy by forcing them to
sign-in/log-in and have their internet use barcoded and recorded- opening the door to widespread
spying and surveillance by local, state and federal agencies, such as the so-called local “threat fusion” center based
in redding.

I was personally told by the COS library director that i do not have a right to remain ‘anonymous” when using the internet.
I’m sorry, COS, but I DO have a right to remain “anonymous” and to remain free from warrantless monitoring and surveillance when using the internet:
its called the 4th amendment and its the LAW in this country.  If you can’t deal with it, MOVE TO CHINA!

I therefore call for the campus to REMOVE ALL ILLEGAL spy and surveillance cameras (which has turned the campus
into a prison rather than a college of “higher learning’) and to further REMOVE all mandatory sign-in/log-in procedures and barcoding (and ILLEGAL
spying and surveillance) of students internet use.

Unless and until the college is restored and learns to honor and respect the privacy and dignity of its students, i hereby call
for all current and prospective students to BOYCOTT the College.  Further, i call for all those who have implemented, supported and approved of this
new prison/police state complex at our college to be immediately arrested, prosecuted and jailed for their CRIMES.

Turning our educational institutions into police state prisons in California is going the WRONG WAY.
The way FORWARD is to have our colleges (and their students) work to Save Our Planet from Ecological Catastrophe.
THIS is the true essence of the “security” that is needed in our communities.


Steve Jones
Mt Shasta, California
COS Alumni



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