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US congressman blasts Washington as corrupt, warmonger

Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:26AM GMT
American Congressman Ron Paul has blasted the US ruling establishment as corrupt, bent on promoting wars, undermining liberties, and assassinating those it considers terrorists.

Throughout a 50-minute address to the chamber of the US House of Representatives on Wednesday, the retiring Texas congressman questioned not only the fundamental well-being of his nation’s social compact, but specifics such as the power of the Federal Reserve, the PATRIOT Act, and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act modifications.

He also questioned the US’s undeclared wars, TSA searches, federal debt and borrowing, the White House’s authority to assassinate those it declares terrorists, the legalization of detaining American citizens for national security purposes and the political power of the pro-Israeli lobby (AIPAC).

“Restraining aggressive behavior is one thing, but legalizing a government monopoly for initiating aggression can only lead to exhausting liberty associated with chaos, anger and the breakdown of civil society,” Paul said. “We now have a standing army of armed bureaucrats in the TSA, CIA, FBI, Fish and Wildlife, FEMA, IRS, Corp of Engineers, etc., numbering over 100,000 civil society.”

“All branches of our government today are controlled by individuals who use their power to undermine liberty and enhance the welfare/warfare state – and frequently their own wealth and power,” he emphasized.

The American lawmaker further reiterated that he has not been able to accomplish much during his 36-year career as a US congressman. “No named legislation, no named federal buildings or highways, thank goodness,” he said mockingly. “In spite of my efforts, the government has grown exponentially, taxes remain excessive, and the prolific increase of incomprehensible regulations continues. Wars are constant and pursued without congressional declaration.”

“The number one responsibility for each of us is to change ourselves with hope that others will follow,” said the 77-year-old lawmaker, urging an end to two motives that have hindered US society, namely envy and intolerance.

Paul, who is an obstetrician-gynecologist by training, also emphasized, “If it’s not accepted that big government, fiat money, ignoring liberty, central economic planning, welfarism, and warfarism caused our crisis, we can expect a continuous and dangerous march toward corporatism and even fascism with even more loss of our liberties.”

He concluded his remarks by calling on the people across the globe to continue vying for liberty. “The best chance for achieving peace and prosperity, for the maximum number of people worldwide, is to pursue the cause of liberty. If you find this to be a worthwhile message, spread it throughout the land.”



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