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OPEN LETTER to The Thrive Movement-
Hi folks,                                 november 15th, 2012
I have watched and supported the THRIVE movie and work these past many months.
I have sent your “you tube”  link out to THOUSANDS of people all over the world.
Its seems we have a problem though.
My local “meet-up” group here in santa cruz, california has CENSORED my right to be part of the
local THRIVE group here locally.  Here is the response they gave me because they don’t agree with
my position on Agenda 21 and global warming:
Hi Steve, I don’t see why you’re interested in being involved with our meetup. You certainly don’t agree with the conclusions our general consensus has reached after our diligent research.   (***Steve Jones reply: WRONG: I DO AGREE with MOST of the THRIVE MOVEMENT conclusions)

I get that you think that you’ve done your research, and that you are right and those that disagree with you are wrong. (***Steve Jones: I have NEVER made this assertion and I DO welcome contrary feedback)  This is not the kind of approach that leads to a useful discussion.  (***Steve Jones: I couldn’t agree more)

So, I’m removing you as a member of this Meetup. I wish you the best in sharing your information and perspectives where they will be welcomed.

Best regards,

Now, if we’re going to be successful building a global green society and securing a movement that survives and thrives in the future, we’re going to have
to be able to discuss things freely, openly and without censorship.  The person running this online meetup group is BRUCE TANNER, e-mail:
We may disagree on certain aspects of the movement, but we ALL have a right to discuss things in a manner that respects our right to FREE SPEECH.
Our collective work to build a thriving society REQUIRES an open, uncensored, lively discussion if we’re going to ALL be successful in our quest to build a new world that works for all.
So, i hereby request that the THRIVE movement FORMALLY re-instate my ability to interact with the local community here in santa cruz so that we may all work together for the common vision and dream of a new world which we all seek.  I’m an ally, certainly not an enemy. 
steve jones
global environmentalist
UCSC graduate
Santa Cruz, California

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