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COS Board
Oct 19th, 2012
Correct me if i’m wrong, but i believe the COS board is responsible for instituting the computer internet use policy at COS
that is both restricting the use of the internet and violating the 4th amendment rights to privacy of students and community
members alike.  I refer to board policy #3720.  The explanation for the privacy violations are referenced in my oct 2, 2012
complaint/grievance to the college (below) as sent to you all previously. 
Regarding this board policy,  i take particular
issue with the system administrator’s so-called “right” to monitor usage of the internet network.  This is strictly
illegal.  No-one has the “right” to violate or monitor one’s internet activity.  As well, no policy has the authority to prohibit mass
mailings (example- i use mass mailings to inform and educate people about global climate change developments such as the
recent revelation that the first half of 2012 was the warmest ever recorded in the US).  Prohibiting commercial and business
activity online is also a violation of our fundamental freedom.  Community members can do what they wish on the internet, this is no-one else’s
business.  I support online businesses and the good they are doing for our community.  If we go down the slippery slope
of censoring what can and cannot be done on the internet, we might as well become another communist china.  What’s next?
prohibiting what websites we can and cannot visit?  fingerprint and biometric scans to identify us before we are allowed to go online?
when does it ever end?  This is why we must nip this in the bud before it metastisizes.
I give the college the benefit of the doubt that these restrictions, controls and surveillance protocols are being imposed upon the
college by outside government agencies such as the US Dept of Homeland Security and/or regional cybersecurity so-called
“threat fusion centers”.  Like the TSA imposing its unconstitutional authority at our domestic transportation facilities, I suspect the
DHS has done the same at our community colleges with regards to internet access and is using these facilities to ILLEGALLY
spy and surveil on students and community members.  If this is the case, i don’t want to come against the college per se’.
COS has been very good for me over the years and i respect and support the wonderful services here.
What i am being forced to challenge is the internet use policy which has been approved and/or been imposed upon
students and community by the COS board.  My conflict here is with the emerging police state symbolized by the criminals
and tyrants who comprise the US Dept of Homeland Security, not with the college, its administration, board, students and
community members who are the victims of this unconstitutional assault upon our precious freedoms and liberties, in my opinion.
Thus said,  i would like to urge the COS board to put forth a “corrective” board policy that returns the internet back to the
students and the community where it belongs- without restrictions, controls, time limits and illegal police state surveillance.
Further, on behalf of the grievance below, i would like to meet with the mt shasta board representative (since i live in mt shasta)
to discuss options as to how this can be achieved.
One SOLUTION i can put forth that will resolve this impasse regarding internet use at COS is that instead of barcode scanning
one’s library card and computer terminal (at the library), students just present their student ID card to prove they are students.
No sign-in, no electronic record and no illegal surveillance ensues.  Community members could just perhaps show their library card.
Ditto for internet use at the LRC.  This would solve this complaint/grievance for me and our 4th amendment rights to privacy would be upheld.
This option would protect our privacy from criminal elements within our government who are hell-bent on destroying our ability
to use the internet freely, openly and without undue restrictions here at COS.  This policy shift would also secure our bill
of rights as american citizens, which, i believe, is really at the heart of the issue here.
Steve Jones
COS student 2012
2 Oct 2012




College of the Siskiyous
Re: Internet Access


It has come to my attention of late that there are massive privacy violations occurring at COS with
regards to internet access and use.  In order to use the internet at the COS library, for example, one must
give up one’s identity and be appointed to a designated computer terminal- all via a computer barcode
scan of one’s library card.  This is a gross violation of our 4th amendment right to personal privacy
(see the 4th Amendment: and a constitutional
right that as a student, and as an American citizen, i am NOT willing to give up.  Because i am NOT
willing to acquiesce to violations of my civil liberties, i am being illegally censored from using the internet
as the COS library.  Further, this is an additional violation of my 1st Amendment right to free speech
as guaranteed to me by Law in the US Bill of Rights.

Students and the community have a right to be anonymous when using the internet.  COS, both at the Library
and at the Learning Center, is violating students rights to privacy by monitoring, tracking and recording students
use of the internet at these facilities.  This is strictly illegal and unconstitutional and has absolutely NO PLACE
at any educational institution in the state of California. (or anywhere else in this nation for that matter).

    The $20 charge per semester for non-student/community members needs to be terminated as well.
    This is an unfair, discriminatory, apartheid system against taxpayers who partially fund this institution.
    Both for students and non-students alike, the internet needs to be returned to the people and the community where it
    belongs- without restrictions, controls and, especially, without illegal surveillance.

Technology should be used to help liberate Mankind, not enslave it.  The central core problem with the USA today
is that the country is rapidly devolving into a fascist nazi-style spy and surveillance police state.  This is NOT the way forward.
The only way out of the economic, political and social breakdown, collapse and implosion we are witnessing in our
nation today is to create, nurture and build a global green/sustainable world civilization- a Green World Order.
This requires a free and open internet all around.  As a global environmentalist, I need to spend my time and energy researching,
writing and networking on the internet, not wasting my time fighting to secure what should be private, anonymous and
unrestricted internet access at this educational institution.

I’ve written an online book that will give COS administrators and others an idea of the scale of the global environmental
threats we are currently facing and the solutions that are required to preserve the well-being of our species and the survival of our civilization.
I need to be able to freely, and without restrictions, pursue this type of online work and research here at COS.  The book is

I applaud COS for developing its fine green/sustainable programs and courses over the last few years and for removing the username/
password log-in function at the LRC- these are good, positive developments.  However, as stated previously, the Library has gone
in the exact opposite direction.  The very act of being barcoded for identity and computer terminal placement i a DE-FACTO
act of police state surveillance.  It also sets up the potential for widespread abuse by local, state and federal law enforcement and
intelligence agencies in regards to illegal spying and surveillance of student’s internet activity.

What has happened to the COS Library, and to a degree at the Learning Center regarding the student log-in procedure, is analogous
to what has happened at our airports with the Dept of Homeland Security and the TSA violating our 4th amendment
right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.  The TSA has crossed the line with regards to bodily privacy, while
educational institutions such as COS have crossed the line with regards to internet privacy.  If they are not changed, such practices need to be reigned in,
corrected, prosecuted and terminated and our civil liberties upheld, restored and protected.

I consider it a strong possibility that educational institutions such as COS are being strongly pressured (if not forced) into adopting
these privacy violating protocols and procedures by outside government agencies.  I am well aware of the fact too that local law enforcement
is being federally militarized in many municipalities across the nation.  Here is an online article that recently came out entitled, “19 signs
that America is being systematically transformed into a giant surveillance grid,
describing the technologies and agencies responsible for violating our constitutional civil liberties and freedoms.

The central core issue at the heart of this complaint/grievance with regards to privacy violations at the COS Library (and the LRC) concerns the infringement of the US
4th Amendment.  The 4th Amendment is our constitutional civil liberties privacy law, just as the 1st Amendment is our freedom of speech law.
Our 4th Amendment rights as students and members of the community are being systematically violated here at COS.
COS needs to immediately terminate its criminal activity in this area and learn to uphold the dignity, privacy and anonymity rights of its students
regarding internet use here at the college.

More succinctly, I demand that COS Cease and Desist from violating my 4th Amendment right to privacy and stop censoring my ability to use the
internet freely, openly and without restrictions.  As a student, i have a right to NOT be tracked, recorded, monitored or surveilled in any way
and remain anonymous while using the internet.  I call on COS to uphold my right to privacy, respect my 4th Amendment right (protecting me from
unlawful searches and seizures) and to remove all current restrictions that are preventing me from utilizing the wonderful research, outreach and networking
capabilities of the internet.

I’m in this for the long haul.  If this complaint/grievance does not change current internet use policy, i will have no other choice that to pursue
other external avenues of redress until my constitutional civil liberties are respected, upheld and restored.


Lastly, confronting such police state developments at COS (and other institutions) is at

   the very heart of the battle to Save Our Planet and to secure our future for upcoming
   generations.  We will win or lose our prospects for survival as a species based on the
   outcome of dialectical conflicts such as these throughout our nation and the world in
   the immediate months and years ahead.


Steve Jones
Computer Science Major
Global Environmentalist
COS student 2012



***By the way and for the record: Thanks to the internet, i have been able to track many trends, indicators and trajectories over time with regards
to the many human, social and environmental crises (such as global climate change) we are currently experiencing as a species and as a civilization.
To put it bluntly, we are completely OUT OF TIME here at the end of 2012.  If our nation and this world don’t make an immediate planetary shift
towards creating and building a green/sustainable world society- a Green World Order- then Mankind will most certainly descend into the black hole of a

   global fascist police state, resulting in depopulation/eugenics campaigns and the inevitable destruction and extinction

of the human enterprise here on Earth.  Again, thanks to the internet, i’ve been able to reach and warn many governments, international
organizations and instituions about the dire global environmental crisis we are in today as a species.  I need to be able to continue
my work and research here at COS if we’re going to have any chance of surviving the 21st century. 

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